Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ten Great Reasons to Upgrade to Prophet 4.0

You will increase your sales – by being more organized and managing sales opportunities better, you will be more efficient and close more sales. No more sales opportunities falling through the cracks, no more lost notes, no more forgotten commitments.
You will be up and running quickly – if you know Outlook, you know Prophet. Prophet adds on to Outlook and its’ ease of use features like email, appointments and contact database. Prophet does not replace or “synch” with Outlook like other contact management/sales CRM systems.
You will save time – The Prophet Dashboard shows you all of your sales tasks due today and tomorrow for a clear to do list. The Prophet Opportunity Manager gives a single window to see all of your sales opportunity, what stage each one is at and one click access to update, edit or progress each one. These are just two examples of the dozens of ways Prophet will save you time.
You will have a better way to look at your pipeline and forecast sales – Prophet gives you 30+ default report templates plus the ability to create your own report template. By managing your sales opportunities in Prophet, you won’t have to re-enter data or keep track of them separately from the reporting system. In addition, you can
You will improve 1:1 communications with your prospects and customers -through efficient relationship tools like sending a mass email to a group of prospects or customers that is personalized and comes directly from you in Outlook.

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